About Converge-SF

San Francisco is full of creative people collaborating on stunning visual projects across technologies. We want to gather monthly and see what the community has going on.

If you’re curious too or are looking for a little inspiration, or want to expand your understanding of design or technology… or you need a someone to partner with on your next project, you should attend. Converge-SF events will have something for everyone.

Each event will have one invited speaker who will take us through the design-development workflow behind their project(s), show a bit of code, give some demos and hopefully open our eyes to new possibilities.

We also want our community to participate by presenting their own projects at each meeting. We will have a few 5-10 minute slots available each month so that you can show a work in progress, ask for community feedback, pitch an idea or even do a soft launch amongst your peers.

We hope to cover all kinds of projects residing both online and offline and from mobile devices to projected installations. Let us know if you have an awesome project to share! ConvergeSF@gmail.com

Converge-SF was formerly San Flashcisco. We still love Flash but have expanded our focus in line with the developer community.


Donna Coxon-McCory

Rich Media Producer; Founder FlashBrigade, Revel-R

I have enjoyed leading digital teams for more years than I care to admit. As a rich media producer, I am lucky enough to work with some of the best creative talent in the Bay Area. I am mostly leading projects that are (still) made with Flash and AIR but am embracing other technologies where they make most sense. I love meeting smart and creative people and building community.. From San Flashcisco to right here at Converge-SF.

Larry Lague

Freelance Technical Director
Web, mobile and app development

Larry has been writing code for websites since 2001. He started working with Flash in version 5 and ActionScript 2.0, and then to AS3. His experience spans Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java and Objective C. He also enjoys working with Arduino and Processing on hardware-based projects.

Steering Committee

Jordan Gray

Masterbuilder, New Media

Research and Presenter

Tony Kwok

Flash/Flex Developer

Research and Presenter

Tatiana Chapira

Instructional Designer, Google

Research and Presenter

Michelle Downes

UX Designer, Google

Research and Web Site